Tilting Disc Check Valve Top Entry


QC System and Certifications

PED/EU Module H | API 6D | API 6FA | TS | ISO9001 |




marco valves (top entry) are best fit for horizontal pipeline installation, thus they can be used even in vertical piping with upward flow. Check anyway with MVC if the valve is suitable for the desired installed position.


Top entry ball valve provides simplified in-line maintenance in the most natural way. When the valve failure to work is in need of repair on the pipeline, without isassembling the valve from the pipeline, only dismantle bolts and nuts of the middle flange, remove the bonnet and stem component together from the valve body, then take out the ball and seat component and finally repair the ball and seat. It's saving time for the maintenance and minimizing the losses at the production.


1 . More economical than common construction valve

2. Having the good electrical conductivity, no additional grounding device

3. Embedded-design seat

4. Blowout-proof stem

5. 0ne-piece body

6. Fire-safe and anti-static design

7. Convenient installation of actuator

8. Flow of bi-directional medium